Introducing OLAPAY

OlaPay’s android-based software has an intuitive design. Easy to use integration. And several customizable options such as email, manual sales, the ability to toggle from both test and live environments along with many more. Our new API allows you to update the merchant/device level details on your APT device instantly.


User Interface

OlaPay provides a user-friendly experience. With four different features: SALE, SEARCH, SETTING and EXIT, it makes completing tasks easier.

I had an exceptional service! The team made me felt comfortable as they explained how this process works and answered various questions asked.

Steven Tat -T.S.I General Consulting Inc

Teamsable software is easier to use, a very simple interface.  It is cost-effective, the Android operating system makes it easy for us to make sure the software is always current and up to date.

Lisa Dorothy

I just wanted to say that I received mine today, and the machine feels fantastic. No lag. The packaging is very well done, the device itself looks really sleek.


Our APT Machines

Time to upgrade your business from those old, bulky payment terminals of the past and get TEAMSable’s new generation smart terminal. The APTs are revolutionary devices that can be used as a stand-alone mobile POS/payment terminal, or they can be semi-integrated with a traditional POS system. Our forward-thinking smart terminal is ideal for hassle free pay-at-the-table and line busting applications, for example, due to its large touchscreen, on board thermal printer and EMV/MSR/NFC card reader functionality. This latest best-of-breed terminal is Android OS operated, allowing the installation of certified POS Apps that can expand the unit’s functionality and decrease the cost of ownership.
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